Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Foam Metal

Like liquid stone frothed inside a volcano, we should be able to create the conditions to produce foamed metal alloys. Process aeration, with the goal of material conservation, weight reduction, added strength, and consistent formability.

Metal taken to liquid form in a pressurized furnace. The liquid may be combined with other thinner metals that serve as a conditioner, to encourage smoothness and bubbles. Also minerals that react, to generate more air infiltration. calcium, carbon. the mixture may be whipped until many persistent bubbles form.

the mass of foaming metal can then be extruded, rolled out or placed into molds where the pressure is maintained and bubbles are stable. this would cool slowly to keep the microstructures intact. 

Specialized facilities would be required for this process. Extreme mixing and curing furnaces, with implements that could easily withstand temperatures of the liquified metals.

foamed ceramic produced a similar way may be components included.

Friday, May 14, 2021

Digital Painting: "Water Dragon"


"Water Dragon"

Work in progress pictures:

Initial sketch
Value sketching in Krita "mirror" mode.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Beautiful Landscapes and Landmarks from Suwon, South Korea (Seoul): Around 1965-1970

Photo Album: South Korea 1965 - 1970
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A selection from an album of old family photographs. It represents moments from my dad's service in South Korea around 1970.

This photo series has images from Seoul Station, in Suwon city, Sungnyemun gate, and the majestic waterfall bridge of Hwahongmun gate. We can see across picturesque farmlands, into higher elevations, with servicemen hiking by rocky rivers and paths. A helicopter takes them up, to observe more atmospheric landscapes.

Here are a few these historical photos of landscapes and landmarks.

Some of the photos have had color adjustments. Originally they have a blueish haze. Now, beginning to show a more natural tone. 

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Sunday, December 13, 2020

Abstract Art: Vision warping interference patterns

LCD Morae Patterns

An image on the LCD screen has been photographed, then displayed on the screen and re-photographed at a different perspective. The differences in grid alignment start to clash. even when displayed again, or viewed from different angles, there are new patterns that appear. illusionary colors.

Game Inspired Oil Paintings


Sunday, December 6, 2020

Black White Gold Flow Painting

Oil on stretched canvas. It got put away for a while as just black and white oil mixtures. I felt like it needed more dimension. Now, I'd like to call it done. Considering some type of clear-coat sealant.

Freeform inks

Big deal
time gate, with gold metallic acrylic
APBC? Ink on paper